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About Time Clockmaking is about restoring all forms of antique time pieces. David J. LaBounty is highly certified in this field and his work oozes with quality--just what you want for your dearest mantel clock, or your favourite old cuckoo. If you live in Scottsbluff or in the vicinity, an appointment is probably what you're after. For those who live elsewhere, Mr. LaBounty is among the most experienced and well-informed clockmakers alive today, and can respond to any questions you may have regarding your clock's history, operating procedures, pricing, and restoration. For a brief list of specific services, see below.

Along with each of these services come a smile and good Christian ethics. Whether you're looking to have a clock restored, or simply figure out what you've got, About Time can help you! To begin the healing process for your timepiece, merely Contact Us and set up any or all of these services.

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