Clock Classes (DVDs)

220-DL: Bushings

When a movement is found to have a worn bearing hole, it is necessary to install a bushing and remove the wear. This class will discuss the tools and techniques necessary for this procedure as well as methods to save time and money. Bushing tools, hand reamers, bushing sizes, and broaches will be discussed.
INTERMEDIATE   1 hr. 10 min.   $30

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110-DL: Metals

A beginning apprentice course to introduce the qualities and characteristics of the metals most commonly found in clock movements. The course will cover hardening, tempering, annealing, and using heat to color steel. A good understanding of metals is important for basic clockmaking.
BEGINNER   1 hr.   $30

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340-DL: Repairing Damaged Teeth

Learn how to identify and repair damaged wheel teeth as well as replacing a tooth when it is too far gone.
ADVANCED   1 hr. 20 min.   $30

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