Clock Classes (DVDs)

132-DL: Mainspring Winders

Several different types of mainspring winders will be covered in this class with demonstrations of their use and discussions on the positives and negatives of each. Safety, when handling hole-end mainsprings and mainsprings in barrels, is a prime concern which is followed closely by being able to prevent damage to the mainspring or parts of the movement. Winders covered will be the Ollie Baker, Bergeon, Horolover, and several home-made winders.
BEGINNER   1 hr. 13 min.   $30

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340-DL: Repairing Damaged Teeth

Learn how to identify and repair damaged wheel teeth as well as replacing a tooth when it is too far gone.
ADVANCED   1 hr. 20 min.   $30

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310-DL: The Time and Strike Vienna Movement

Vienna regulators are some of the highest quality clocks available but are often labeled “troublesome.” Learn how the time and strike version should be properly restored and adjusted for trouble-free operation.
ADVANCED   1 hr. 30 min.   $30

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