Clock Classes (DVDs)

180-DL: Intro To The Lathe

This is a beginner-level class designed to introduce the watchmaker’s lathe and show its usefulness in clock repair/restoration. We will discuss attachments, name the parts of the lathe, and make a make/female center.
BEGINNER   1 hr. 15 min.   $30

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242-DL: American Strike Levers

Learn how the strike levers work together and the best way to adjust them for trouble-free performance.
INTERMEDIATE   1 hr. 10 min.   $30

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310-DL: The Time and Strike Vienna Movement

Vienna regulators are some of the highest quality clocks available but are often labeled “troublesome.” Learn how the time and strike version should be properly restored and adjusted for trouble-free operation.
ADVANCED   1 hr. 30 min.   $30

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