Clock Classes (DVDs)

253-DL: The Deadbeat Escapement

This will be an in-depth discussion of the Graham, the most common style of deadbeat escapement. Other forms of deadbeat escapements will be shown for comparison but the focus of this class will be the restoration and adjustment of the Graham.
INTERMEDIATE   1 hr. 20 min.   $30

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233-DL: The Ratchet Assembly

A properly adjusted ratchet assembly is key to avoiding an explosive let-down of the power. Learn the proper terms for the parts, how to detect wear and damage, and what procedures to take in order to be sure of a safely functioning ratchet assembly.
INTERMEDIATE   1 hr. 10 min.   $30

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271-DL: The United Electric Movement

United electric clocks are quickly becoming collectable and command higher prices if they are working. This class will discuss how to restore these movements so the clocks can be enjoyed to the fullest.
INTERMEDIATE   1 hr. 15 min.   $30

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