Clock Classes (DVDs)

300-DL: Replacing French Hands

This is a deceptively difficult process which involves micro-machining and custom-fitting. Reproduction French hands rarely fit properly and this lesson will cover machining and fitting new hand collets as well as pointing out critical areas of clearance.
ADVANCED   1 hr. 16 min.   $30

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252-DL: The Recoil Escapement

This class will focus on the strip pallet type of recoil escapement commonly found in antique American movements. It will cover wear removal, compensating for wear, and the adjustments necessary for a fine running movement. Anchor replacement will be covered as time permits.
INTERMEDIATE   1 hr.   $30

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271-DL: The United Electric Movement

United electric clocks are quickly becoming collectable and command higher prices if they are working. This class will discuss how to restore these movements so the clocks can be enjoyed to the fullest.
INTERMEDIATE   1 hr. 15 min.   $30

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