Clock Classes (DVDs)

360-DL: Bushing A Barrel

Learn advanced techniques in removing the wear from a barrel. Included in this lesson: Bushing the barrel as well as the cap, keeping the barrel running true, and maintaining arbor end shake.
ADVANCED   1 hr.   $30

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263-DL: The Musical Cuckoo

3-weight cuckoos are some of the most complicated, and frustrating, clocks to repair. This class will cover how to service the musical portion of the cuckoo and adjust the levers so the music plays when it should. Several different musical mechanism styles will be covered.
INTERMEDIATE   1 hr. 30 min.   $45

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260-DL: The Ingraham Mantel Movement

An in-depth study of a typical Ingraham mantel movement. Topics covered will be; disassembly and reassembly, common problems, movement layout, and escapement adjustments.
INTERMEDIATE   1 hr. 30 min.   $30

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