Clock Classes (DVDs)

262-DL: The Modern Cuckoo

This class will cover removing the old movement, servicing and installing the new movement, as well as adjustments so the cuckoo will function properly. Replacing bellows tops will also be shown in this extensive class.
INTERMEDIATE   2 hrs. on two discs   $45

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281-DL: Arbor and Barrel Hooks

Mainsprings are wound by a hook on the arbor which catches the inner coil of the mainspring When this hook is damaged, it can be an intimidating repair. This class will cover not only replacing an arbor hook but also how to replace a barrel hook.
INTERMEDIATE   1 hr. 15 min.   $30

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340-DL: Repairing Damaged Teeth

Learn how to identify and repair damaged wheel teeth as well as replacing a tooth when it is too far gone.
ADVANCED   1 hr. 20 min.   $30

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