Clock Classes (DVDs)

201-DL: Movement Disassembly

Taking a movement apart requires quite bit of preparation. Learn what steps should be taken beforehand so as to aid in reassembly, and learn the proper disassembly techniques so things aren’t damaged.
INTERMEDIATE   1 hr. 5 min.   $30

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360-DL: Bushing A Barrel

Learn advanced techniques in removing the wear from a barrel. Included in this lesson: Bushing the barrel as well as the cap, keeping the barrel running true, and maintaining arbor end shake.
ADVANCED   1 hr.   $30

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262-DL: The Modern Cuckoo

This class will cover removing the old movement, servicing and installing the new movement, as well as adjustments so the cuckoo will function properly. Replacing bellows tops will also be shown in this extensive class.
INTERMEDIATE   2 hrs. on two discs   $45

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